iphone solos

by Rektest

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released November 28, 2016

All Songs Written by B. Lockhart
Except “Feet” written by B. Lockhart and Tristan Trashcan

My computer stopped working/disappeared(?) so All Songs were recorded and mixed in Garageband on Brent's cooked iphone

Art by B. Lockhart

Cheers as to everybody cause you're all sooooooooooo fuckingggg sickkkkkkkk <3

stay lit fam



all rights reserved
Track Name: Easy
I got a lie detector,
I got it for the weather,
I got a colour tv,
I got it given to me.

It's so easy,
to please me.
It's so easy,
give it to me.

I got a fourth wish,
I didn't pay for it,
I got a free ride,
and then a free high.
Track Name: Out The Door
Talking, like I got somewhere else to be now,
but I got nothing else to do,
don't know why I wanna leave.
So stop me, cause I don't know what I am doing.
I thought it was be easy just to be, but I can't breathe.

Well I don't mind, it's happened before, they only ever see me walking out the door,
it's already over, before it begins.

So hit me, cause I got somewhere else to be,
and I got something else to do, but I don't wanna leave.
Harder, then you ever could believe.
I'm pulling hair out of my head, and I can't breathe
Track Name: No Fad
I said I wanna fight and I don't mean outside, so let's go, back home.
It's getting kinda late and I don't wanna drive so lets make the call.

Oh, you,re so dumb,
Oh you're so strong,
Oh, you're so bad.
Ain't I glad this ain't a fad.
Track Name: Right
Hit me without warning,
I don't know.
First thing in the morning,
You're like go.

It's like this,
I don't miss,
I'm always right,
I'm always right on time.
Track Name: Wrong
Found a little room and you were hiding inside it,
couldn't move your arms and you were over excited.
Is anything wrong,
i've been gone too long.
Tryna find a number in a phone full of reminders,
Trippin on the old friends that I don't hear from.
Is anything wrong,
I've been gone too long.

Oh, I got it wrong,
I woke up on the bad side saying.
Track Name: Climbing Up The Walls
I don't wanna fight ya, but I really wanna hold ya, but you're just too far away.
Looking out the window like I only gotta run a little ways away.

Oh baby,
You're driving me crazy,
and now i'm climbing up the walls.
Track Name: Born Disaster
I don't what to do,
cause baby you're a born disaster,
and every time you come around like little thatcher.
I don't know what to say,
cause I don't think I'm gonna last ya,
up and down you're little ride you're a born disaster.

I'm done wasting time on you.
Track Name: Nothing To Prove
I don't wanna go to school,
Just wanna listen to my tunes.
Don't wanna go outside,
Just wanna stay in and get high.
I don't wanna go to work,
I just wanna lay in bed all day,
I don't wanna play.

I got nothing to prove to you.
Track Name: Old News
I don't care what you said last week,
because, boy, it's just old news.
I don't care what you said lat night,
because, boy, it's just old news.

I don't want yesterdays paper,
I don't want tired and done,
I don't want anything you got, boy, you're just old news.
Track Name: Be About It
I don't wanna go,
don't wanna go anywhere,
with anyone,
anyone but you.
I don't wanna do,
don't wanna do anything,
with anyone,
anyone but you.

I could be about it,
If you could be about it,
I could be about it,
if you could just be about it too.
Track Name: Tv Screens
First I wasted all my time hung up on you.
Then I stuck around cause I didn't know what to do.

Oh my god,
All over, the tv screen and the credits say I want you.

Then I got run around cause I didn't know any better,
And i'm still out here cause I guess just ain't that clever.
Track Name: Mess
I'm thinking maybe it's a waste of my time,
but you really don't seem to,
mind, in places we shouldn't have been but.
All over when you make that little sound,
like you don't wanna come around any more,
you're just counting the score off.

I should of stayed night,
I don't wanna try but,
I don't wanna mess things up anymore.
Track Name: Sit Here On My Own
Well I couldn't be bothered so I let ya pack and you just walk out,
And when I couldn't get tired then I finally got it all worked out.

Yeah I sit here on my own,
drinking whisky all night long.
Yeah I sit here on my own,
without you.

So I ran outside to see if I could find and try and stop you,
but all I gotta see was two blue eyes in the rear view.
Track Name: Ahhhhh
Track Name: Alright
We can make it,
If we just fake it baby.
We don't really have to be just like that.
Out it in the sun,
lying on the sand.
I just guess I'm never really gonna understand.

It could be alright,
if we just stayed tight,
and you spent the night.
Track Name: Hang Around
I didn't start the fire but I sure thought it looked nice,
Lighting up the stars and chasing all the cold out of sight.
It couldn't have gone any better than if I planned and wrote it down.
I got you to hang around.

I don't wanna get down about it,
but someday they're gonna put it out.
I don't wanna frown about it,
but that day is coming up.
Looking over my shoulder now they're bringing in that big red turck,
but I, want you, to hang around.
Track Name: Release
I finally got a little bit for free,
just running around won't make it easy.

I don't mind, this waste of time.
all, to hit, release.
Track Name: When It's Gonna End
We got nowhere else to go,
I've got a bottle of scotch and half a pack of cigarettes.
We'll keep the lights down low,
and the music loud enough so the neighbours can't hear it.

Easy flow on a cold, cold night.
Still tired from the early flight.
Thinking of,
when it's gonna end.
Track Name: Rewind
I don't wanna go,
I don't wanna stay,
It's all just to frustrating.
I don't wanna fight,
I don't wanna stop,
It's so debilitating.
I'm having thoughts of a permanent kind.
Is it so hard just to hit on rewind.

is it so hard.
Track Name: Ur Plan
Out of touch, and out of mind,
I'm just wasting your time,
I just can't decide.
I could of done better than that,
I could of just left and all that hanging around,
well look at us now.

I think it just hit the fan,
I'm not in your plan.
Track Name: How I Know
Hold up stella, I gotta race around and try this on,
you're not, just jealous.
Thinking about this shit i'm spinning on.

That's how I know,
how I know,
I know better,
than you, you, you.

I gotta run around, and shake it off,
I got a loose screw baby and it's coming out.
Track Name: All In All
Benny said I gotta go and fight some more,
And Jimmy said I gotta be polite some more.
I don't know what to do.
Johnny said I gotta think of my attention am I gonna wanna quit in just another second,
I guess, it's true.

All in all,
all in my time,
all in all, we'll be fine.
Track Name: Don't Know You
No point in jumping out the window,
no point in getting out of bed.
Cause I, don't know, you.
No point in getting any older,
No point in tryna get ahead,
Cause I, don't know, you.

That's why I don't go out no more,
That's why I never bother locking the door.
That's why i'm coming down.
That's why I killed the clown.
Cause I don't know you.
Track Name: Nile
Track Name: Feet
Can't you see past your feet,
Oh wait they're too big.
They're in front of your face,
and they're blocking your view.

What are you gonna do,
with that size of shoe.